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It’s human nature to find each other attractive.

It’s human nature to want other people to find you attractive.

But a person’s sexuality cannot be divorced from the person herself (or himself): that hot body comes complete with an inner life, a personality, hopes and dreams, a range of emotions, family and friends, an intellect, and the will to consent. Or not.

When you deny a person all that rich interiority – when you deny a specific group of people that, and you do it thoroughly and consistently – you strip them of their humanity. You flatten them out. You reduce them to a two-dimensional existence.

That’s when it becomes oppression.

thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence’s photos hacked leaked online - Justine Musk

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The idealism of Libra makes it very hard for her in the real world which is disappointingly far from social harmony she envisages. People shock her by their aggression, intolerance, and willingness to spoil the greater pattern of harmony for their selfish concerns, and she is equally pained by this behaviour if she finds it within herself. …she hates quarrels and emotional storms which she regards as unproductive.
Libra and Symmetry | The Astrology Place

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Libra has to ability to charm their way into getting want they want, they don’t need to be pushy. Some may call this manipulative charm, but Libra knows just how to please the other person, so they usually do get what they want in the end. 

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