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Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon as seen on Yahoo! Answers

The Libra Sun/ Scorpio Moon combination makes for one of the more interesting variations to the usual cordial, accommodating and pleasant qualities associated with Libra Sun women. At her
heart, she is apt to be intensely emotional, and will apply her equally strong will and penetrating insight into keeping her life
poignant and meaningful, to the point where periodic meltdowns become a normal part of her lifestyle. She is no
stranger to the darker side of life and has probably played both victim and perpetrator in many drawn-out power struggles in her past. Injustices outrage her, as do any show of weakness,
especially if it is covered up by deception or lies. She is capable of cruelty as well as transcendence and leaves behind her
many relationships that could not withstand her demands, for better or worse. She has much personal magnetism and is the source of the admiration of many men, most of which are incapable of relating to her depths or obsessive demons. To those who appreciate her strength and courage, she is totally
desirable, even though she almost always has things on her own terms.

But the Moon is only half the story. This is how she operates in her private world, most of which is shown only to a select
few, and even then incompletely. To the rest of the world, she is charming, believes in compromise and mutual respect, appears above anything unrefined or unsociable, and values her standing with other people. This is the standard she genuinely strives to live up to, even if she occasionally lapses into a sort of social vampire when discouraged or rejected. She is in the game for keeps and can play the queen as well as the dark goddess, if she has to. Much depends on the aspects to the Sun and Moon as well as their placements to fill in the picture. The closer the Sun is to the Moon in degrees, the more unconscious she is apt to be about herself, being more spontaneous than reflective. Living up to those Libran ideals can be an all-consuming task. Being completely authentic and honest will draw her towards her Scorpio Moon with all its intrigues and

[These stars can stop knowing my whole life any day now.]

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